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It's like my own Twitter but with no human interaction. Enjoy.

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2 years ago

The Nihilist Playbook

No one knows anything and everything is a crapshoot.

2 years ago

Authenticating grandpa

My grandfather is 88 years old and he can't remember any of his passwords.

2 years ago

More routines

There is nothing more important for mental health than having routines.

2 years ago

How to be miserable after a breakup

7 easy steps to complete misery after your latest breakup.

2 years ago

Be anonymous

The world's most powerful darknet marketplace, an FBI raid, and a girl from a dating app sharing everything with the world.

2 years ago

Weaponizing decision fatigue

From chess, to the penitentiary system, and all they way up to the Oval Office, decision fatigue is everywhere and affects us all the time.

2 years ago

I love you, Hacker News, but you’re toxic

My most frequented site has a problem. Let's talk about it.

2 years ago

Buy the domain

Your gut feeling is probably right. Don't miss out on thousands of dollars -- buy the domain.